Freely inspired by The True Story of Luciano di Samosata
texts Gianluca Riggi
directed by Roberta Castelluzzo
with: Roberta Castelluzzo, Alessandra Lanciotti, Gianluca Riggi, David Abatini

Naufraghi, already represented with the title La Vera Storia de la Storia Vera, in 2002 and then resumed in 2009, takes its cue from the stories of Luciano da Samosata, becomes in the text rewritten by Gianluca Riggi a love song, a fantastic and unlikely journey in distant worlds, a navigation between languages ​​and dialects lost, dispersed and reinvented.

The ship with the beautiful Chiunaraa on board is shipwrecked in fantastic islands where female characters fall in love with him, it is an ancestral, visceral love that comes out of the “belly”, each female character belongs to a dialect, to a different language, and is therefore the language used to determine the terminology of love, its ways and times, its archetypal viscerality. It is a scenic journey, a simple and immediate theatricality through acrobatics (the use of the aerial hoop, the net, the aerial rope and juggling) in its visual and aesthetic essentiality. The fusion of body and language become one that leads the narrative and takes it where only the fantastic can create distant and impossible worlds.
The director’s choice, by Roberta Castelluzzo, wanted to combine the poetry of the text and the fable with the work of aerial acrobatics and the dreamlike evocation to which circus technique and art naturally lead. Love is the unifying element, love is the glue of all the characters, its impossibility becomes a dream, it is described with the use of different languages, despite this it is always the same: in every land, in every sea, in each island, there is a woman who loves and a man closed in his narcissistic will who always leaves for another place.

The first edition of the show received the “Special Mention at the Biennial of Young Artists from Europe and the Mediterranean” in 2002-2003.