Magari it’s the story of two strange characters suspended in a timeless place. It is a poetic and funny show that delicately speaks of the fear of each of us of being alone and the difficulty of communicating with others. Between strange obsessions and some difficulties, a story unfolds made up of small events: intimate and delicate moments alternate with great enthusiasm and unexpected discoveries. The sense of the game pervades everything, allowing the protagonists to overcome the problems and fears they face with comedy and poetry. In this way they will discover that together the obstacles are overcome lightly and that “maybe” it is precisely this lightness that we all need. Through physical theater, the theatrical clown, aerial acrobatics and live music, the two actresses call the viewer to participate in the intimacy of a dialogue as bizarre and surreal as it is intense, but in which, after all, each of us he can recognize himself.

Duration 50 minutes

by and with:
Emanuela Belmonte and
Alessandra Lanciotti

Emanuele Avallone

Materiaviva Performance
La Compagnia della Settimana Dopo

Carola Graziani
Marco Bellucci
Roberta Castelluzzo


The show can be realized in any space, indoors or outdoor in a protected space (lake a courtyard) and equipped with an anchor point for a static trapeze. In the case of an outdoor place, a ring is required with the possibility of two attachment points arranged in line with the public at a distance of approximately 60 cm from each other. Minimum height of the anchor point 5mt.

The show can also be performed without a trapeze, the performance will be replaced with one with a balance sphere.

Minimum space required 4x5mt, flat.

Lights: 12 pcs 1000 and 4 pcs 500
Audio system necessary only for very large theatrical spaces.