The lightness that moves the breath, the lightness that supports the wind, the posed lightness of a cloud that changes its inconsistent forms. Every movement in aerial acrobatics tries to overcome gravity, every movement seeks lightness and suspension. A narrator will walk the poetic thread of the show with the words of Lucretius, Cyrano, Leopardi, Calvino and the stories of ancient mythology. The choreographies both on the ground and in the air on aerial silks, trapeze and rope will echo her in a crescendo towards the sky that brings the body to lightness and suspension. The show is accompanied by live music with an electric guitar and vocals. The research on the texts has expanded also touching the poetry of Ungaretti and the text of the Invisible Cities of Calvino, following the poetic line that has united authors of periods and cultures so distant from each other including Lucretius, Cyrano, Leopardi, Dante, Shakespeare, Cervantes. The result is a show that starts from the myth of Perseus, the only one capable of overcoming petrifaction, and travels a poetic journey of which the bodies that hover in the air are a metaphor and at the same time the concrete image of the suspension that wins over gravity. The techniques of aerial acrobatics, fabric, trapezium, hoop and rope, are proposed with particular attention to the narrativity of the body, escaping the pure gymnastic virtuosity, to let the body dance in the air and transport the spectators into a suspended space.